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  • Should the College Football Playoff expand to 8 teams?

  • Here are some compelling reasons why the College Football Playoff should expand. With an eight-team playoff, Bryce Petty and Baylor would’ve had no worries. LM Otoro/Associated Press One inherent problem with the four-team format is the fact that, no matter what, one team from the Power Five leagues is going to be left out in the cold and angry.

  • Should the College Football Playoff have a bowl system?

  • Yes, we have the bowl system, but for the playoff, four of 128 teams, or 3.1 percent, make the College Football Playoff. Even college baseball has a 64-team championship, capped by an eight-team College World Series, to decide its champion.

  • What is the value of the College Football Playoff?

  • The CFP distributes an average of $475 million annually. That means, as a conservative estimate, the CFP tripling in size would be worth $1 billion per year. More revenue, though, creates more pressure and responsibility. Teams will be playing a maximum of 17 games — equal to the elongated NFL regular season.

  • What made the College Football Playoff so special?

  • What鈥檚 more, the games delivered financially, too. The CFP semifinals and title game registered as the three highest rated programs in cable television history, justifying ESPN鈥檚 investment in the playoff. And the two-day tripleheader between New Year鈥檚 Eve and New Year鈥檚 Day served as a perfect showcase for college football.