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  • When will the Washington football team get a new name?

  • Last week, Washington Football Team president Jason Wright told The Washington Post ‘s Nicki Jhabvala that while the team will continue to use the Football Team moniker for the 2021 season, the franchise will debut its new nickname in 2022.

  • Should the Washington DC football team be renamed the London franchise?

  • Meanwhile, the monarchy is much more closely associated with England than the United States, so those names seem better served for a potential future London Franchise than for renaming the Football Team. One of the other teams in Washington is named the Capitals.

  • Should the Washington Capitals be named after the Senate?

  • One of the other teams in Washington is named the Capitals. Naming the team after the Senate (or the House of Representatives) seems like a horrendous idea. But it is based in our nation’s capital, so you know some people are going to suggest naming it either after the country itself, or one branch or another of the armed services.

  • Why aren’t the Washington Nationals called the Senators anymore?

  • More importantly, the Washington Nationals still own the moniker Washington Senators, so it wouldn’t be possible even if Snyder wanted to pay tribute to the city’s original baseball team. (Unless he bought the name from Randy Lerner. But that seems even more unlikely.)